Moon Princess: Discover a world of magic and victory with Moon Princess Slots.

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Moon Princess: Game Review

Popular developer Play’N Go in 2017 launched a unique slot moon princess. Moon princess slot quickly gained popularity among players, thanks to the unique options, simple controls and colorful graphics made in the style of anime.

Slot machine moon princess reveals the theme of the Japanese manga Sailor Moon. The first volume of manga was released back in 1992 and has not lost popularity to this day. This allows Moon Princess years in the lead in the list of the best slots, provide players with only generous payouts and ensure interest in the gameplay.

All symbols emphasize the atmosphere of anime games, nice soundtrack complements the gameplay, and thanks to the possibility to personalize the music, users can adjust the slot to personal preferences. Slot machine moon princess is great for players who want to change the boring fruit slots on a more modern and animated game. Slot machine moon princess offers modern princesses, magical icons and thematic music, allowing you to fully feel the atmosphere of Japanese anime.

Players have the opportunity to run moon princess slot as in the free demo mode, as well as in the version with real money stakes, thus multiplying their winnings in more than 15000 times! moon princess slot with high volatility helps players who like to play with increased risk, to spend their free time on any device – PC, cell phone or tablet, while getting the most out of the gameplay and experience the “effect of presence” in the beloved anime. Moon princess from the provider Play’N Go is dedicated to the popular development, which for years is in demand among gamblers around the world.

Moon Princess slot also has many interesting features that make it different from other online slots. One such feature is the “Girl Power” feature, which allows players to earn additional cash prizes when certain conditions are met. Three heroines of the slot, princesses, have unique abilities that can be activated randomly during the game. For example, one heroine can turn some symbols into winning “wilds“, while another princess can turn low paying symbols off the reels.

In addition, the moon princess slot has a bonus game mode, which is activated when a certain number of special symbols are collected. The game allows players to win additional moon princess slot free spins.
Additional rewards make the gameplay even more interesting and exciting.

moon princess slot
moon princess game

Moon princess slot review

In moon princess slot there are no classic reels and paylines, and the symbols appear from top to bottom. Counting in moonprincess is done both vertically and horizontally, allowing participants to increase the chances of forming a prize sequence and crediting the gift. The indicator at the top of the screen shows the multiplier available to the player for a given spin.

Moon princess slot is correctly adapted for any device, works on both smartphones and tablets. Moon Princess is designed using html5 technology, so correctly displayed on all devices.

The slot is available in many casinos, offers participants only access to generous payouts and the opportunity to play with minimum bets. Magical powers of the main princess characters complement the gameplay and increase the chances of forming sequences.

An additional privilege of the moon princess machine is the bonus game, even if the player could not collect the prize sequence. This allows you to always have a chance to win, reduce the risk of losing. Despite the high volatility of the slot, winnings still fall out quite often, though not very large amounts. This characteristic allows the player to maintain his budget and not to worry about risks.

Usually, slots high volatility choose players who have a large budget to play, or experience betting. However, moon princess slot is also suitable for less experienced users, allowing you to play with a minimum bet of $0,2.

Game moon princess: the rules

The essence of the game is that the player needs to collect a combination of the same symbols from 3 to 5 pieces on a horizontal or vertical line. If a participant in moon princess games manages to collect 2 or more combinations of the main characters, he is offered additional options, free spins and higher winnings.

Familiarize yourself with the rules of the gaming machine moon princess slot by studying the payout table, located on the control panel. Here participants will learn the value of each icon, the rules trigger the bonus game in the moon princess, free spins.

Additional information about moon princess game can be studied by reading the numerous reviews of players about the work of the slot machine. Users discuss the details of spins, the rules of formation of combinations and advise tactics and strategies moon princess slot, allowing to minimize the risks and mistakes of beginners. To understand the rules of the slot in more detail and proceed to the game for money have an understanding of the game algorithms, it is recommended to start with moon princess demo.

It is important to remember: Many negative comments leave players who have not yet fully understood the rules of the game moon princess, overestimated their strength, not adhering to the principles of responsible gaming. To distinguish such comments players can evaluate the presence of nickname, account number or other details that confirm full membership in the club players and active game on the machine.

moon princess symbols

Characteristics and features of moon princess slot symbols

Moon princess slot is complemented by bright thematic symbols that emphasize the gameplay. The main characters of the moon princess game are the three main princesses, and the secondary characters are a bell, a star, a heart, a horseshoe and other icons.

Each symbol in moon princes has a certain value, and forming a combination of three or more of the same image, players can count on a big win.

Winning combinations of moon princess symbols

  • Moon or “Wild” symbol: x100 to x5000

  • Princess Storm: x30 to x1000

  • Princess Star: x30 to x1000

  • Princess Love: from x30 to x1000

  • Multiple Princesses: x20 to x500

  • Bell: x15 to x300

  • Star: x15 to x300

  • Heart: x10 to x200

  • Horseshoe: x10 to x200

“Wild” symbol moon princess slot

Special mention should be made of the moon princess wild symbol. Symbol “WILD” becomes in line with the row of icons, replaces them, which increases the chances of forming a prize sequence.

Wild symbol in the moon princess performs a classic option, which are inherent in it and in other gaming machines. So users without experience can quickly understand the features of moon princess game, the formation of combinations. Also the wild symbol in Moon Princess is the most expensive and if it counts in the sequence, the player receives larger winnings. This icon is represented in the form of a large moon. It stands out against the background of ordinary symbols, so the participant will never miss it.

Bonuses in moon princess game

To diversify the gameplay, increase the chance of players to win the moon princess machine offers a number of bonus options. The rules of such functions in the moon princess slot can be found in the payout table.

If a participant could not collect a prize sequence of moon princess, he is offered the option Girl Power. The princesses themselves appear on the playing field in random order, offering participants such options:

moon princess love bonus


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Play Moon Princess

Love Princess – this princess is responsible for replacing one of a set of slot symbols with a random other. After a new combination on the imgrogro field moon princess will calculate the winnings of the participant.

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Play Moon Princess

Star Princess – adds 1 to 2 wild symbols to the playing field. Since the Wild replaces the regular icons, the player’s chances of winning in the slot increase and he can count on getting a prize for the following spins.

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Play Moon Princess

Storm Princess – this princess removes at least two sequences from the playing field of moon princess, maximizing the chances of the visitor to win. Storm Princess – is one of the symbols of your luck.

At the bottom of the slot machine moon princess has a special indicator. When it is completely full, the next round is carried over to use all the powers of the princesses one by one. Princess Trinity option in the moon princess game is triggered when the player managed to collect a sequence of combinations of different princesses on the playing field. This process is accompanied by bright animation, appropriate sound accompaniment moon princess game, which emphasizes what is happening on the player’s screen. Bonus options are available as in the moon princess demo, and in the format of the game for real money. Slot moon princess has moved away from the traditional bonus options that can be found in almost every slot machine. There is no doubling game, a single bonus icon or scatter. Despite this presence of free spins, which allow players to keep players interested and not bored on standard spins.

Moon Princess slot freespins

When clearing the entire playing field of the moon princess slot players get a random option – the power of one of the princesses. The essence of moon princess freespins is that the player can start spinning the reels without spending personal money.

All winnings that the participant receives during the free spins in the moon princess game are also subject to withdrawal to their credentials, as well as other winnings in the slot. They are summed up in the balance at the bottom of the screen, where the visitor keeps track of his progress.

The bet in Moon Princess slot is set at the time of launching the spin and then, when the player starts the free spins, is extended for their entire period. In the table in more detail let’s look at the number of symbols in the slot machine moon princess responsible for each of the princess.

Moon Princess Symbol

Number of freespins







In addition, players moon princess slot players are offered one of the additional options: an increased multiplier or Girl Power feature for each of the princesses. In a slot machine moonprincess free spins can not only save money, but also get extra options for rows of icons. The number of freespins can be extended if the player was able to clear the playing field during the free spins.

Moon Princes slot machine design

Moon Princes is made in anime style, supplemented by themed characters, animation and sound accompaniment. When you run a slot machine moonprinces opens the field on which will fall thematic icons.

On the right side of the moon princess game appears one of the main characters that accompanies the gameplay. Here is also an option that allows you to open the slot to the full screen and a timer that shows how much time the participant spends in the slot. The bright logo reminds the participant that he spends his leisure time at one of the most popular developments in the style of modern anime.

On the left players can see the multiplayer and the active bonus option. At the bottom of the screen displays player winnings, bet, there is a mode that allows you to run the moon princess slot manually or automatically. Pressing the button “Play in automatic mode,” participants only need to fix the rate, and the start of the reels of the machine moon princess will be made without the participation of the visitor, as long as the account will be money.

Stop this mode and go to the manual rotation of the reels in the moon princess slot can click on “Start”. The moon princess slot is decorated in pale pink, purple and light green tones. This design does not overload the appearance of the game, allows you to focus on spinning the reels for a long time to stay in the game.

The slot is complemented by pleasant animation – during the formation of a sequence, the icons explode and new ones quickly fall in their place. When one of the bonus options is activated, a huge icon of one of the powers of the princesses appears on the player’s screen, alerting the player to launch additional features.

moon princess game
moon princess play

The control panel of Moon Princess slot

Traditionally, at the bottom of the slot Moon Princess are buttons to control gameplay:

  • Bet – sets the money for one spin of the reel
  • Information – table of payouts, where the participants will find the value of each icon, the rules of the bonus options
  • Settings – here the options are grouped, allowing you to personalize the gameplay
  • Start – a button that allows you to start the reels in manual mode
  • Auto – game mode in the slot machine without the participation of the visitor

The control panel of the slot Moon Princess retains its appearance during the game through a personal computer or smartphone. If the player is in moon princess free play mode, all options also remain unchanged. Control panel is framed by a thin frame, which does not overload the visuals of the slot machine Moon Princess, allowing you to focus on the game, while quickly figuring out where there is a button, what it is responsible for.

How to play moon princess slot?

Moon princess game is available in many online casinos, and to run it, just follow the simple instructions, which includes the following steps:

  • Go to the official site of a reliable online casino and perform authorization through login and password. If the user is a beginner, he needs to register to play for money.
  • Checking the balance. Participants who have already replenished the account, you need to make sure that the account has enough money for betting in the money mode. If the amount is insufficient, it is worth to replenish the account, using any payment system.
  • Search for a slot machine in the collection of entertainment. Visitors need to specify in the search box the name of the slot “moon princess” or previously add it to the category of favorites to get access in 2 clicks.
  • Selecting the moon princess game mode. Participants are offered a free version – for moon princess free play, as well as the opportunity to play with stakes for money. To start a specific format to click on the eponymous button on the preview of the slot.
  • Bet setting. Within the moon princess slot limit, participants need to set the bet per spin of the reel. It is also offered the opportunity to fix the maximum bet for rotation by clicking on the button “Max Bet”.
  • Select manual or automatic mode of rotation of the reels and run the moon princess.
  • Winnings, which the participant receives, are displayed at the bottom of the screen, and at the end of the session, go to the main balance of the player.

Moon Princess: play for real money

Participants who have figured out the rules of the slot machine moon princess, and already fairly well oriented in the rules of the slot and the game algorithms are invited to run the machine in the money mode. This version of moon princess slot allows you to win, which can then be withdrawn by any convenient payment method available on the website of online casinos.

Gathering in the moon princess game prize sequence, the players win, which goes on the main balance does not require wagering, available for withdrawal 24/7. Bets in this format of the moon princess slot are made with real money, so the loss is quite real.

This version of the game in the moon princess is optimal for players who have an idea of the slot, know how to allocate their budget and time spent at online casinos. Remember that the moon princess slot is highly volatile, so winnings fall out less frequently, but large sums. Therefore, if the participant has long been playing the machine, but the money is not paid, this is a normal characteristic of the moon princess slot.

Pre-registration on the online casino and log in to your personal cabinet are prerequisites for the game in the moon princess for money.

For training of the gameplay and setting rates slot machine, you should start with the moon princess demo, which will analyze in detail below.

moon princess game for real money

Moon Princess demo: review

Visitors who play slot moon princess for the first time are recommended to run it in demo version. To bet in this format in a slot machine moon princess provided virtual coins, the number of which is regularly updated. If a player restarts the moon princess slot, its balance will be credited with more virtual money, which can be used for betting.

Participants are not limited in the number of attempts to play moon princess free and may restart the session continuously. It is important to understand that the moon princess demo is provided as a training and familiarization with the game, so the winnings obtained will be impossible to withdraw. Since this mode is completely free, the big prize may fall out much faster, so that the participant can assess the volatility of moon princess slot, pick up the tactics of the game and better understand all the possible outcomes.

When playing in the free version of the game saves the value of symbols, the rules of the slot machine moonprincess, additional options and free spins. This repetition of the gameplay allows participants to fully familiarize themselves with the slot, all the possible options for forming a sequence of available options.

Moon Princess free to play in demo mode allows participants

  • Develop betting tactics, to better navigate your budget and its proper allocation to the game
  • Become familiar with all the slot options, bonus rounds, and the behavior of the icons in different game formats
  • Practice playing both in the manual and automatic modes
  • Learn the value of each icon and its combination

Moon princess demo requires no risk for the player and allows you to play safely from any device. To run moon princess free players do not even need to log in to a personal cabinet, but rather go to the website of the casino, which offers moon princess demo. However, for a quick transition to the game for the money players should still perform login to the personal cabinet in the future not to waste their time.

Play moon princess mobile version

Since moon princess slot is designed using html5 technology, you can run it on any device. Players are encouraged to use smartphones and tablets on any operating system. Running Moon Princess slot from a cell phone does not need to download anything to your device, but enough to specify the address of the casino in the search box, go to him, log in to your personal account.

Users who play moon princess slot demo do not need to be authorized, but it will help switch between modes faster if necessary. Almost every casino is perfectly adapted for smartphones, so there will be no difficulties with the search in the game room.

The participant needs to run moon princess in the free version or the format of the game for real money, adjust the betting parameters and proceed to the game. The rules of the game, the account of winnings and other conditions slot moon princess remain the same. If a participant uses the mobile version of the casino, in which he has an account, the balance, winnings, gains are saved.

Play moon princess through the app (moon princess app)

Some gambling clubs offer to download the moon princess app to your device. Such an application helps to run a slot machine moon princess in two clicks, not to be tied to a personal computer, and low consumption of Internet traffic provides the game even from mobile data transfer.

If the casino offers participants to download the moon princess app to their device, they will be able to play the slot using the software. It is important to download moon princess app only from the official website of the online casino and not to use third-party sources to ensure access to safe bets in the Moon Princes slot machine and fair payouts.

To run the moon princess app, players need to install the software on their smartphone, launch and log in to their personal account. The software also allows them to register an account to play for money.

Then, in the category “Favorites”, if the player has added moon princess slot or in the collection of the game hall need to find the development, run it in the required mode. Rules of the game and the cost of symbols remain the same, so participants do not need to waste time on getting acquainted with the gameplay.

As in the mobile version or format for personal computers, winnings accrued in the slot machine moon princess, in the future, you can ask for any convenient payment system.

Important: Participants who want to play Moon Princess slot through the application, it is important to remember that the developer does not provide a separate downloadable version, to play in this mode, you can only through the downloaded casino.

moon princess slot
moon princess play
moon princess game

Popularity of the game moon princess

Slot machine moon princess slot has gained huge popularity among players, offering big winnings, the simplest rules and popular themes of Japanese anime. Participants have access to colorful graphics, the ability to use any device for leisure and full game in free demo mode.

Automatic mode available in slots moon princess allows you to speed up the gameplay and not be tied to your smartphone or PC. The popularity of moon princess slot is also due to its intuitive controls. The machine has a minimum number of options that allow full control of the gameplay.

High percentage return (moon princess rtp – 96.5%) and volatility, a wide range of bets make the development of one of the most popular among players in Japan, Europe, UK. Nice graphics slot moon princess perfectly adapted for any smartphone, PC, exciting animation and nice music emphasize the gameplay.

Basic betting strategies moon princess slot

Participants who want to increase their chances of winning and minimize the risks are encouraged to use different strategies moon princess slot. First of all, it is necessary to read the opinions of other players, which they leave on forums or social networks.

Here, guests share their experiences, opinions, help sort out difficult questions and proceed to betting on the slot machine moon princess at any time. Participants can learn the value of each sequence, the rules of the bonus game, the opportunities that provide free spins. Users who want to play more safely, properly allocate their budget, can use these popular tactics:

    • Martingale Strategy. One of the most popular strategies not only for the slot machine moon princess, but gambling in general. Participant who lost during a spin on the moon princess game machine, is invited to increase the next bet size by the amount of loss. The bottom line is that when the player wins, he will be able to get back all the money lost. This tactic is suitable for users who have a large enough betting budget.
    • One bet Strategy. The player makes a bet in moon princess for the same amount, regardless of losing or winning at the slot machine. This eliminates the risk of a big loss, to prevent possible addiction and the desire to win back.
    • Incremental Strategy. Participants online casinos should start with a minimum bet moon princess slot gradually increase its size as you spend your leisure time.

It should be understood that no single tactic can guarantee the player moon princess max win, since moon princess slot works on a random number generator. It also has certificates of safety and quality, which confirm the impossibility of interfering with the gameplay.

Categorically not recommended to use third-party software for recreation slot machine moon princess, because when the withdrawal of winnings this information will be found out and access to the player’s account will be blocked.

How to choose the best online casino to play moon princess?

Choosing a gaming platform for leisure participants need to make sure that moon princess slot is present in this online casino. You can check this information in the collection of the game hall, specifying the name of the slots in the search box or sorting developments by provider.

It is also important to consider the presence of a license from the selected online casino, which excludes fraud or deception while playing the slot moon princess. It is important to check what payment systems the online casino supports, whether the platform allows the use of mobile devices for betting.

Particular attention should be paid to the security of the club, check the use of modern encryption algorithms, the presence of quality certificates not only moon princess slot, but also the gaming platform. Before you register on the site, it is important not only to read the Terms and Conditions, but also to read the opinion of reputable resources that deal with the gambling industry. It is also worth evaluating the online casino bonus program, offering players:

  • Free spins that can be used for betting on the moonprincess slot machine
  • Percentage on deposit, from which you can take money to bet on the slot
  • Cashback for lost funds in the slot moon princess

Top online casinos regularly hold tournaments among visitors, both independently and in company with providers. It is worth making sure that the casino offers promotions in company with the developer of the game Moon Princess – the company Play’n Go – and provides the opportunity to accumulate tournament points on the slot machine. For winning such competitions, guests receive additional prizes, bonus options and other gifts for active play on the moon princess game.

Also, rating online casinos offer lottery, where you can get a large sum of money to use it in the future to bet on moon princess slot and other gaming machines of the developer.

In conclusion moon princess slot review should be noted: the relevance of the slot among players confirmed by its simple rules. Verify the honesty and colorful moon princess can be studied by numerous reviews of players or play the machine yourself, choosing a reliable and safe online casino.

The slot machine is regularly updated so that visitors are not faced with a delayed response, slow performance and could use any device for betting.

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