Is it possible to get moon princess max win: rules and strategy

Slot machine moon princess won the popularity of players because of the unique options, high volatility and the ability to multiply the initial bet many times. Users appreciate the development of colorful graphics, high moon princess rtp, unique anime themes, pleasant sound that emphasizes what is happening on the playing field.

The privileges of development are the presence of bonus options and free spins, which can be triggered without the combination of scatters. Visitors are offered simple operation, thanks to which even a user with no experience will not have difficulty placing a bet, starting the spinning of reels and play moon princess slot without restrictions.

moon princess rtp




Winning frequency

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Game diagram (playing field)

5 Ρ… 5

Minimum bet, $


Maximum bet, $


The popularity of this game has led the company developer Play’n GO was released two additional slots: Moon Princess 100 and Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom. These games continue the general theme and help players diversify the process of spinning the reels.

Given that the slot highly volatile seems that the moon princess is very difficult to win, however, this is not the case. Below we offer a number of strategies, let’s understand the rules, the basic characteristics that the user needs to know before starting the slot machine for safer bets. Also learn in more detail how to get moon princess max win.

Rules of the game in the moon princess slot

The essence of the game, as in any slot machine is that the participant must collect a sequence of identical icons. Anime theme of the slot is emphasized by bright themed characters.

The slot machine does not have the classic reels and paylines, and the icons themselves appear from top to bottom and form sequences. Scoring in the slot is done both vertically and horizontally, thanks to which, the visitor has a better chance of winning at the moon princess slot.

Players who have gathered a sequence of three or more icons get a win, which depends on the value of the symbol. The high moon princess rtp allows players to count on moon princess max win for a long run for maximum combinations.

Despite the fact that there is no progressive jackpot in the slot machine, moon princess max win reaches considerable numbers – $500,000. This characteristic confirms: encountered reviews that it is impossible to get a real win moon princess slot – just a myth.

The rules of the game provides bonus options that are associated with falling out icons – Girl Power. This game is triggered if the user could not collect a prize sequence. Depending on which princess appeared on the screen, will depend on the bonuses to the participant:

  • Star Princess – this princess adds one or two wild symbols to the field, in random order. This allows you to increase the chances of moon princess max win
  • Love Princess – when Love Princess is triggered, one set of game symbols will be replaced on the playing field with a random other set. The score is based on the combination that was formed during the change.
  • Storm Princess – this princess removes 2 sets of game symbols from the playing field, allowing you to win in the moon princess slot

Special mention should be made of the feature that Princess Trinity activates. When the power indicators at the bottom of the screen are filled, the function is triggered, which extends to the next round. To begin with a sequence is formed, which appeared as a result of a new spin. Then, the powers of all the princess icons begin to trigger one by one. When this feature ends, the player looks at the total moon princess slot winnings for the round. Run Princess Trinity can collect a sequence of several combinations of princesses and increase the chances of real winnings

Another slot machine bonus is the freespin option. It is triggered when the player was able to completely clear all the symbols on the playing field. Visitors are invited to choose one of the princesses to get additional benefits in the form of free spins:

  • Love β€” 4 FS
  • Star – 5 FS
  • Storm – 8 FS

Princess Trinity offers the player the highest multiplier and Girl Power feature for each of the formats. After the player has been able to erase all the symbols of the playing field, new princess symbols will appear on the screen to form sequences.

Not sure in your skills of playing the moon princess slot? Try to play in the demo!

Preliminary players who think that the moon princess slot is very complicated and it is impossible to win, you should play in demo mode. This version allows you to understand the rules of the slot, to pick up their own tactics and strategy games bets. Slot machine in demo mode runs on any device, keeps all the features, colorful graphics and the value of each icon.

Multipliers in the moon princess slot

All symbols of the slot machine emphasize its theme. The icons are made in the form of princesses, medallions. Among the expensive symbols that offer big winnings, it is worth noting the moon “Wild” symbol, the icons with princesses, but the pendants with images of a bell, a star, a heart – are secondary. The highest odds for the symbols depend on the combination that the participant was able to collect. In the table let’s analyze the most valuable combinations.

  • Moon or β€œWild” symbol: x100 to x5000
  • Princess Storm: x30 to x1000
  • Princess Star: x30 to x1000
  • Princess Love: from x30 to x1000
  • Multiple Princesses: x20 to x500
  • Bell: x15 to x300
  • Star: x15 to x300
  • Heart: x10 to x200
  • Horseshoe: x10 to x200
Information about each symbol, the value of prize sequences are specified in the payout table, which are the control panel. This category is launched at any time and allows participants to understand all the additional features.

Popular strategies for getting moon princess max win

Given that the slot runs on a random number generator, it is considered difficult to find the best strategy for the game moon princess slot. However, let us understand in more detail what proven strategies players are recommended to use to increase the chances of moon princess max win, while minimizing the risks and correctly calculate the probabilities.

We present the top popular tactics for moon princess play

  • Classic Martingale system. This strategy is that if a player loses a slot machine, the next bet should be multiplied by the amount of loss. Recall that the slot machine provides free spins and additional multipliers, as well as options to remove combinations from the playing field and add new ones.
  • One bet. This is the most standard starting strategy of the game, which involves setting the bet to the same amount, regardless of whether the participant loses or wins. It allows you to keep a budget and control your money during the betting and after winning in moon princess slot
  • Pyramid. A system that is optimal for slots that do not offer a progressive jackpot, such as Moon Princess. The idea behind Pyramid is that the player needs to start with a minimum bet per spin, and gradually increase as they win. Then, if the budget allows and the player has received a real cash win, it is vice versa – from the maximum bet to the minimum.
  • “High-low”. This system is similar to the Pyramid, but in this case, the players do not need to gradually increase the bet, and alternate large sum with the minimum. This avoids the situation where the slot machine algorithm holds the possibility of moon princess big win to attract participants to the game.

Among the popular strategies of the Moon Princess slot is the “Parlay System“. This strategy works on the logic that the slot machine algorithm can gradually reduce the number of falling out combinations and symbols in order to keep the user in the game with the expectation of getting the maximum winnings.

The system offers to bypass this algorithm by working according to the scheme: the initial bet, then, subject to winning, the second bet – doubling the amount, the third bet – doubling the amount. Increase the size of the bet should be doubled each time the player gains a win in the slot. In the case of losing, you need to complete the game in progression. Undeniable bonus of the slot machine is a high moon princess slot rtp and the ability to run additional options during a loss, which allows you to reduce the number of losses.

It is important to understand that not one betting strategy can not guarantee a roll of the prize symbols, but does not mean that the moon princess slot impossible to win. The use of strategies helps to better understand the algorithms of the machine, correctly allocate your budget for betting and receive a big win. Use these strategies is beginners who do not understand how to play the moon princess slot. These strategies will help you learn the correctness of the betting changes depending on what symbols fall out and how often the slot pays sequences.

Participants who have already figured out how to play the moon princess, are encouraged to use these strategies to improve the quality and results of the game. More experienced players know how to allocate their budget, understand changes and multipliers. Often experienced users share their successes, opinions about the game and their own winning strategies in public sources, including social networks and messengers.

How to choose a strategy to get moon princess max win?

When choosing a betting strategy players need to consider not only the most popular tactics, but also the features of the slot machine to know how to play with the maximum payouts. Users should take into account that there is no progressive jackpot in the slot, there is a high volatility, so moon princess max win will fall out randomly and very rarely.

Before forming your own game strategy, players need to assess their budget, rules, recommendations in progression and increase the previous bet at least 10 times. If such an opportunity is not available, players should learn how to play the slot, either on the minimum bet, or use a strategy that does not involve a large increase in bets. For example, it is suitable to play on the strategy “One Bet”.

To understand how to play, it is also important to assess the time a player can lead for a slot machine, to understand the bonus options, multipliers, freespinami. We recommend to read the opinion of other players to choose the best strategy for the game and get a big win, to understand the experience of other users, not to make the typical mistakes of beginners.

Among the main tips for participants how to play the moon princess is worth noting:

  • Strict adherence to the budget and time that the participant spends in the slot machine.
  • Necessity to practice in a demo version before playing for money. In the same format you can test and improve your betting strategy in moon princess slot.
  • Read the opinions and feedback of participants who have experience playing in the moon princess slot online casino. Their experience they share in public sources.
  • Careful study of the rules and conditions of the selected online casino.

It is important to remember that in addition to using a betting strategy, the main rule for playing on the slots is strict adherence to the principles of responsible gaming. Observing these conditions, as well as the rules of online casinos, guests can safely make bets without risking their money. Remember: slot machines are a way to spend leisure time and can in no way replace the way to earn money, and compliance with the principles of responsible gaming only reduce the risk of losing money.

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